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Undersea Aquatic Wallpaper

I’m pleased to present another hi-quality, widescreen wallpaper from Digital Revolutions. Featuring an underwater, aquatic theme, this wallpaper is truely the “treasure down under the sea.” Take your desktop to the peaceful, goldfish-populated waters by downloading this undersea wallpaper today! Widescreen (1280×800)

Beijing Olympics 2008 Wallpaper

Celebrate the Olympic spirit and cheer for your favorite country with Digital Revolutions’ Beijing Olympic wallpaper. This hi-resolution, widescreen wallpaper specially crafted for the 2008 Olympic Games, is a stylish way to celebrate. Download (1280×800)

African Desert Safari Wallpaper

I’m proud to present Digital Revolutions’ latest wallpaper, an African Desert Safari with a twist. Penguin anyone? Available in both widescreen and standard resolutions, this hi-resolution wallpaper is sure to create an exciting safari atmosphere as any desktop background. Download today and enjoy! Widescreen (1280×800) Standard (1600×1200)

Space Planet Desktop Wallpaper

Digital Revolutions is proud to announce the reslease of our latest wallpaper, this time with an intergaltic theme. Featuring a planet backed by the cosmos, this space wallpaper is sure to take your desktop into outer space. Download this Hi-Resolution Wallpaper Today

Vector Grunge Abstract Wallpaper

Digital Revolutions is proud to present our latest abstract wallpaper, this time with a grungy-vector theme. Deck out your desktop with this high-resolution wallpaper today! Download

August 2008 Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper

August is almost here and it once again time to update your desktop wallpaper. Featuring spiffy, web 2.0 styles and a color scheme representative of August’s late summer flora, this calendar transforms your desktop into a stylish, yet functional, tool. Stay organized and enjoy the lovely view, download this high-resolution, widescreen wallpaper today!

The Ultimate Design Link Roundup

The internet is chock full of sites, all clamoring for your attention. Finding the proverbial “cream of the crop” can sometimes be a daunting task. Well no longer, designers everywhere rejoice, this categorized roundup of the very best sites is here to “smash” into your life. Because adding all of these bookmarks to your browser […]

Free Grunge Photoshop Brush Pack

Digital Revolutions is proud to present our latest batch of free photoshop brushes. Sporting a spiffy, urban grunge style, these brushes are an easy way to add spice to your designs. Featuring over 10, high-quality brushes, ranging from shapes to grime, this free pack is just what the doctor ordered. Download the brushes today and […]

4th of July 2008 Wallpaper

Once again, the 4th of July is upon us. Celebrate in patriotic spirit with this hi-resolution holiday wallpaper from Digital Revolutions. Available in both standard and wide-screen varieties, this patriotic wallpaper is great way to show your support for the United States or America. Happy 4th of July! Standard (1600×1200) Widescreen (1280×800)

Big City – Free Abstract Wallpaper

Digital Revolutions is proud to release yet another free, abstract wallpaper. This time our hi-resolution wallpaper is sporting a grungy, urban theme. Showcase the quiet side of urban life and add this wallpaper to your collection today! Available in both standard and widescreen varieties. Standard (1600×1200) Widescreen (1280×800)