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Red – Abstract Wallpaper

Hello everyone, I’m pleased to present a brand-new wallpaper for June 2011. Featuring several abstract elements, this wallpaper is sure to turn heads and spice up any desktop! Download today and enjoy! Full HD (1920×1080) Standard Definition (1280×720) For those interested in using this artwork for a commercial purpose (e.g. poster, album cover, etc), please get in […]

Burst – Abstract Wallpaper – Multiple Colorways

I’m pleased to present my latest creation, “Burst.” This abstract wallpaper is available in a variety of color schemes to fit your mood and your desktop. Have a favorite? Let me know about it in the comments below. As always, these wallpapers are free to download and enjoy!

Art Wallpaper – Free HD Wallpaper

I’m pleased to present Digital Revolutions’ latest wallpaper, “Art.” As always, this colorful wallpaper is available in full-hd. Download today and enjoy! Stay tuned for more wallpapers! Download (1920×1080)

Dance – Abstract Widescreen Wallpaper

Digital Revolutions is pleased to present another high quality abstract wallpaper, Dance. Dance’s cool color scheme and subtle textures set it apart from other wallpapers and makes it a great addition to any collection of wallpapers. Download this widescreen wallpaper today for free! Download (1920×1080)

Disturbia – Abstract Wallpaper

Featuring a subdued color scheme and post-apocalyptic feel, Disturbia will give any desktop an intrinsically unique feel. Available as a high-resolution, widescreen wallpaper, download Distrubia today for free.

Clean and Green – Free WordPress Theme

Digital Revolutions is proud to present Clean and Green, a free wordpress theme. As the name suggests, the theme has a clean, minimalistic style without sacrificing color. Tested on WordPress version 2.6.2, this theme is incredibly simple. Download today and try it out, feel free to modify the theme to your liking, just avoid redistributing […]

Cityscape Urban Wallpaper

I’m pleased to present Digital Revolutions’ latest abstract wallpaper, Cityscape. This urban wallpaper features a subdued color scheme and fantastic, grungy elements. Available as a free, widescreen, high-resolution wallpaper, Cityscape is a great way to breathe new life into your desktop. Download today! Download (1280×800)

Think Color – The 3 Most Effective Color Combinations in Design

Humans are highly responsive to colors; throughout the ages artists have used color to create emotion, inspire, or convey a message. Choosing effective colors can be the difference between the failure and success of a design.

The Top 10 Color Palettes

Any designer knows that the colors they use have a significant impact on the quality and success of their project. Digital Revolutions has assembled a collection of what we believe to be the top 10 color palettes available. Each mix is a vivid display of color, you are bound to find a palette that works […]

Experiment In Color – Vector Wallpaper

Hot off the Digital Revolution’s presses come an experiment in color. Featuring an existential display of colors, this vector-based experiment ought to liven up pretty much any desktop. Enjoy!