Monthly Archives for December 2007

It was a very good month. Dig in. Every entry is a classic.

Grunge Wallpaper

Here is the latest Digital Revolutions Wallpaper, Grunge. A darker, more reserved color scheme and that gritty, urban look make Grunge just what your desktop needs. Now available in more resolutions, scroll down and select your preferred resolution. Enjoy!

Citrus Wallpaper

Check out the latest design from Digital Revolutions. An intricate mix of tribal designs and subtle elements of technology, Citrus will give your desktop that sweet, slightly tangy taste you are looking for.

Dreaming Wallpaper

Check out the latest design from Digital Revolutions, “Dreaming”. A calmer, more relaxed wallpaper than our usual vibrantly colored creations, Dreaming gives your desktop a cool, collected feel. Look for more creations soon!

Circle 3 Wallpaper

Let us introduce you to the latest design from Digital Revolutions, “Circle 3”. Sporting that stylish, Digital Revolutions look, Circle 3 makes a great addition to any wallpaper collection. Enjoy!

Sunset Wallpaper

Due to the popularity of our previous “Sunrise” and “Day” wallpapers, Digital Revolutions is proud to announce the debut of “Sunset”. Look for more great design soon!